Super for pigs - SUPER BLUE

Super BLUE is a supplementary mixture that contains all necessary vitamins, micro and macro mineral substances, as well as feeds with the highest quality proteins. Super BLUE is a supplementary mixture that is used, in combination with energy feeds. Energy feeds must be of high quality, microbiologically correct, without the presence of any toxins. Super BLUE contains 35% raw protein with the addition of macro-mineral substances (calcium and phosphorus), which are in an exceptionally amenable form. Super BLUE is enriched with lysine and methionine, which serve for better weight gains and better meat yield in fattening pigs. The combination of 25% of Super BLUE and 75% of energy feed results in Tov svinja 1 with about 16% raw protein, and the mixture obtained in this way is used for feeding fattening pigs with 25 to 60 kg of body weight. To obtain the Tov svinja 2 mixture for nutrition of fattening pigs with 60 to 100 kg of body weight, Super BLUE is used in a quantity of 20% whereas energy feeds account for 80%; and the Tov svinja 2 mixture for feeding fattening pigs that is obtained in this way contains about 14% raw protein. The following can be used as energy feeds: corn, barley, triticale, wheat and commercial sorghum.